Protokoll den 1 april 2012

General Assembly, Occupy Göteborg, 1 april 2012

Medverkande: Ca 11 pers

1) Last week in Occupy

2) Rio+20

3) Outsida Occupation


5) ECI

6) Almedalen

7) Freeshop

8) Transition Kville

9) Global TeachIn

10) Anti weapon group

11) Other things

1) Last week in Occupy
National Occupy mumble meeting with 6 people from
Talked about history of Occupy Gbg from 2011 October.
2) Rio+20
Manifestation: Long-dance.
Conference: Filming peoples message and send to the polititions.
The group is meeting at tuesday at 17 at Sofie.
We have to decide on a title and decription soon.
3) Outsida Occupation
Group meeting at tuesday 17 at Sofie.
Occupation of xxx at May 12.
Valborg Apr 30. Alternative Spring celebration. Drug free.
Part of outside occupation group.
A lot of discussion about direct democracy that could be used on the
outside occupation. We could try out different types of democracy
systems. We can hanve a mix of different systems.
Economy: Bitcoin or timebank. Freeconomy. Resource network.
Non Violent Communication.
Should we advertise? Should we talkt to the police?
Write statements? Write to the press, politicians, police and the public.
Set up posters?
Everbody should write statements to be included in a Occupy statement.
Make the world conscious that the world is all one.
JAK wants to do something at may 12
7 april. ACTA demonstration in Stockholm.
Carpooling. Skjutsgruppen. samå
ACTA 19 may. Digital defence debate. Lecture, workshops, debate. Maby also on net neutrailty.
5) ECI
ECI is going live today. April 1st.
6) Almedalen
Campingplaces. snäck camping, kneippbyn camping.
Steg 3 is having the project Occupy Almedalen.
Several people wants to go to Almedalsveckan.
Aktiv Demokrati is going to participate.
7) Freeshop
Project to have a freeshop near apartment block. Set a date and do a
freeshop outside for everybody to participate.
Random acts of kindeness. Like giving out free lemonades. Hand out
cards about doing somehting nice for someone. With the text ”Pay it
Date TBA in a google group.
8) Transition Kville
We have a plot of grass with traffic arround it for maby growing things.
We have a local room for doing meetings and screenings.
Screening of ”Paradise or Oblivion”.
Intendet for local networking and getting to know each other.
9) Global TeachIn
For learning toghether…
Futher checking out of it.
10) Anti weapon group
Last weekind here, there was a meeting for a lot of groups for
peace. The stage was filmed and will be posted. About dsarmament of
neclear subs.
Some of this was posted on the occupy Goteborg blog.
A new party: Fredsdemokraterna. They are going to have a demonstration.
28 april 15.30 Fredsdemokraterna demonstration on Gusaf Adolfs Torg.
11) Other things
* Demonstration for better living conditions
19 april
* IT and Web
* OTHER things
Kundalini 11-1230
Hatha    15-16
* Folkets hus 18-21 måndag: Folkets scen;  rätten till staden
FilosoForum: Arbete mellan misär och utopi – en arbetskritisk exposé
Tuesday at 19 at Restaurang trappan at Järntorget
DnB. Världskulturmuseet. kl 15. 17e april. Org berättar om erfarenheter från egyptiska våren.


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