ACTA-demonstration i Göteborg 2012-06-08

ACTA-demonstration i Göteborg 2012-06-08


One Comment on “ACTA-demonstration i Göteborg 2012-06-08”

  1. Bill Maher skriver:

    Now that summer is upon us, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement must think about a moore effective form of protest than camping. To be considered a real movement, it has to start moving asses off the street and in to the voting booth.

    The Occupys Movements motto is “The only solution is world revolution”. Okay, but what about setting our sights a little lower and taking back Wisconsin!?

    Last fall I must admit I to got caught up in the “Occupy Wall Street” excitement, I went down there, I chanted, I held a sign, I shared some sacred herbs with members of a drumming circle. But strangely enough it turns out that having a sleepover in the park for 4 months didn’t cause Wall Street to crumble.

    And that´s not because the “Occupy” didn’t have the right message, it did, that Americas wealth is increasingly in the hands of a cleptocratic priesthood of finance cowboys and the politicans they buy, protected by a free firezone of rules they wrote themselves, feeding on the republic from within like a transcontinental tapeworm the size of Route 66.

    Sure, I´ll give you that, it´s just…I think it was Ghandi who said:

    “The park? Again? Really?”

    I mean, no offense, but we tried the whole “Sit outside ‘til we get our way” thing, and it went over like Paris Hiltons music career.

    Because, what does taking over a park really achieve? Besides forcing anonymous gay sex back inside the bathhouses. And besides, the people who recently bought facebook-stocks, they need somewhere to sleep now.

    Real Time with Bill Maher, June 8, 2012


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